Farmers’ children receive death threats from ‘vegan activists’

A couple who own a family-run farm have spoken out after they and their children were subjected to death threats from ‘vegan activists’.

A farming couple in the UK has opened up after they were allegedly subjected to death threats from vegan activists.

James Matthews and Chenice Plumstead operate JC Farming, Windsor Land, Little Kingshill, a family-run sheep and poultry enterprise, rearing free-range meats and eggs.

The couple took to their Facebook page following the incident on Tuesday night (April 6th, 2021).

They said: “Last night was a sad night to be a farmer. Last night was a scary night to be a farmer.”

“Last night, we were called on a private number by a group of vegan activists who threatened to kill us and our two beautiful children.”

“Now, for people who have never received a death threat, this was terrifying, but to threaten your children makes it that much worse.”

“We understand completely that people have their own opinions, and they have to do what feels right for them; however, threatening the lives of children well, that is another level of scum. That is no vegan I know.”

The couple said police responded to their call and patrolled their farm throughout the night, having helped set up security measures.

Scared and angry

They asked any members of their local community to remain vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour.

“I have never been so scared and angry in my life, having to sleep on the floor in my children’s room. Farmers need to speak out about this because it is happening far too much.”

“There are certain ways of farming that we do not agree with but let me make this clear they are not farms. Please help us to stay vigilant and educate people who are unsure of what sort of farm this is.”

“We are not a big commercial farm; we do not neglect or abuse our animals.” the couple added.

Farmer ‘blocks’ vegan from protesting in supermarket

Last year, a video of an encounter between a farmer and an animal rights activist in a supermarket in Australia went viral on TikTok. 

26-year-old Tash Peterson is best known for her public protests against farmers and meat consumption.

She stood in front of a milk display in Woolworths supermarket wearing a cow suit and holding a sign with the following message: ‘I was violated; they took my babies and my sons, so you could have my milk’.

In the video, Peterson can be heard talking to the farmer: ‘Excuse me, can you please stay away from me?’ to which he said ‘no…no’.

An individual can be heard saying: ‘I think this is deliberate’ to which the farmer said, ‘I am deliberate’.


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