Free State Patrolling Border With The North

Say hello to Lockdown and the insanity of the Republic enforcing a border with the Occupied Six Counties.


With Christmas on the way, the Leo has an unwanted Christmas gift for the Irish people. A border with the North!

"The Tanaiste Leo Varadkar has said that there will be an extra police presence in border counties once the latest Covid-19 restrictions begin.

Speaking on RTE’s Prime Time programme, the Tanaiste said that there wouldn’t essentially be roadblocks but more Garda and police presence as restrictions begin." (

The new lockdown will be draconian and longlasting, much like the first at the beginning of the year.

You will be forced to stay in your own county, all retail will be closed, no outdoor events will be allowed.

Put short, totalitarian rule by the corrupt Southern government over a non-existent Chinese virus.

"Varadkar told the programme the need for extra police presence would be there as people will be supposed to stay in their own county from December 26th.

The Tanaiste’s comments come as the Government announced that inter-county travel will not be allowed from 26th to the 12th of January unless for essential reasons." (




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