House The Irish First On €20 Note Triggers Leftists

The Left Wing Twitter mobs are outraged after a "House The Irish First" graffiti was found scribbled on a €20 note. They aren't even hiding it anymore as reports.


The pearl clutching outrage of a north inner city Dublin councillor over notes of money daubed with the phrase “House Irish first” has been backed and applauded by other keyboard social justice warriors on twitter and other social media outlets.

The seemingly innocuous phrase was branded as “sick” and caused outrage among a small but ultra-vocal cadre of perpetually offended twitter leftists.

The phrase “House the Irish First” became nationally popular after the protests in Blanchardstown outside a social housing development in Mulhuddard where Irish families who were on the housing waiting list gathered for weeks to demand that local members of the community get priority in the housing project.

Others around the country have echoed the sentiment and questioned the logic of the Irish government continuing to allow Third World migrants to enter the country and join the housing list while thousand of Irish citizens remain homeless and tens of thousands more await social homes. Read the tweet below and accompanying image and tell us what you think?



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