Irish Times Pushes Propaganda

According to the Irish Times, Cork-based Sanctuary Mask Initiative providing protective gear to DP centres and nursing homes.

A group of asylum seekers living in the direct provision system in Co Cork have started to manufacture washable masks for use in combatting the spread of Covid-19.

The Sanctuary Mask Initiative was established by the Cork Migrant Centre and local charity Better Together, which seeks to empower women seeking asylum in the State.

Dr Naomi Masheti, who manages the centre, said the initiative came about after the introduction of restrictions on movement forced the closure of a sewing project for women living in direct provision centres in Cork.

“We had been working with women in direct provision centres for the last three years doing various workshops at Nano Nagle Place and for the last year, they had been working with a fashion designer, Charlotte Cargin from Kinsale, ” she said.

“They had been making headbands but that stopped with the lockdown so they were in the direct provision centres doing nothing and at the same time Olga Voykenko, a Russian lady, got funding to start a sewing studio in Cork.

It's good to know the Irish Times haven't let up on their  globalist propaganda machine during this time of  great chaos for the Irish people. Once a paper of "record" it certainly perpetuates a record these days, one that suits its certain agenda.


Source: The Irish Times

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