LGBT and Liberal Speakers Invited To IFP Events

On Saturday the 28th at the Custom House Dublin, the Irish Freedom Party held an anti-lockdown rally inviting Kevin Sharkey, former LGBTQ+ presidential candidate, as a Special quest Speaker.

Sharkey is well known in Ireland. A former Ibiza male escort and a professional artist, he was mildly critical of mass immigration during his presidential run.

Sharkey is also an open homosexual and a multiculturalist.

Liberal Irish Times journalist Ian O’Doherty is a well known atheist and libertarian. O’Doherty was also invited to speak at an IFP event. 

Hermann Kelly was the Director of Communications of the EU coalition “Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy”.

During the snap Irish general election in 2020, Kelly declined to run as a candidate and helped Nigel Farage et al secure Britain’s Brexit aspirations.

Farage’s Brexit Party has welcomed former members of the Revolutionary Communist Party into their ranks, leading some to accuse the party of moving to the left.


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