Lockdown Will Continue Until May!

The state will be forcing us into lockdown until May before letting retail open up, Level 5 restrictions may continue until Mid February or March at the earliest! This will destroy what is left of the Irish economy without a doubt!


Most public health restrictions will continue well into February, a Fine Gael meeting heard tonight.

Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney told the meeting of the Fine Gael parliamentary party that the restrictions will be in place for quite a number of weeks and it was unclear how this would apply to schools.

The slower-than-hoped for decline in case numbers and the continuing pressure on the health service will force the Coalition to extend the Level 5 restrictions when the Cabinet meets on Tuesday, Government sources indicated this evening.

Ministers are likely to review the situation again at the end of February but there is no expectation of any substantive reopening of the economy before April with daily case numbers still above 2,000 and hospitalisations and ICU admissions still considered too high.

Almost all of the existing public health restrictions will be extended for several more weeks beyond the end of January with the Government’s immediate focus being on trying to reopen schools.

However, ministers are unable to provide any clarity or an indicative date when this might happen.

A senior Coalition figure said tonight they hoped to be able to reopen schools at some point next month, but said cases were not going down as fast as the Government would like.

One Government source cast doubt over whether schools could reopen before St Patrick’s Day, but other senior figures insisted this possibility had not been discussed, insisting the priority was to reopen schools.

When will the insanity end for Ireland? With fewer deaths than the seasonal flu COVID19 is an absolute farce and the public is starting to wise up.

How long will it take before the Irish people have had enough of forced unemployment and the destruction of small businesses?



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