McEntee Pushes Illegal Migration Clinics in Amnesty Drive

The Migrants Rights Centre Ireland is doing a tour of the country running clinics to provide assistance for illegals in applying for Justice Minister Helen McEntee’s blanket amnesty scheme which began on January 31st this year.

McEntee called into Galway Bay FM last Friday to promote the clinics despite them being run by an ostensibly ‘non-governmental organisation’. Apparently Galway Bay FM was also promoting her amnesty scheme in three different languages during the week, including Polish for some reason.

McEntee told the station “we’re also launching a social media campaign” in Portuguese, Mandarin, Urdu, and many other languages “to reach people in as many ways as possible”.

The amnesty programme is open to applicants until July 31st. It seems they’re struggling to find applicants though as only four to five thousand have applied according to McEntee.

A large proportion could be asylum seekers too as they are also eligible for the blanket amnesty but it’s not clear whether McEntee has included them in her 4,000 ‘undocumented’ figure as there’s a separate stream for them to apply.

They’re definitely not ‘undocumented’ and McEntee has never explained why they’re eligible in the first place. The State has lots of documentation about their failed asylum claims and endless appeals. The government knows where they live. They’ve been providing accommodation to them and everything else. 

Nobody ever brings up the fact that the amnesty is being used to clear out the direct provision system. Asylum seekers only have to have been in the system for two years to apply while illegals have to have been here for four years (three if they have children). 


While applying is free for asylum seekers, illegals have to pay €550 for an individual application or €700 for a family. The MRCI say they can help illegals who can’t afford the fee.

The MRCI estimate that there are 17,000 illegals living in Ireland although McEntee quoted their figure as 20,000. They have never been able to a provide a source for their estimate and the truth is nobody knows how many are here. 

McEntee can get away with quoting whatever figure she likes as she knows she’ll never be asked about it, just like she is never asked about the asylum seekers. She also knows she’ll never be asked why she isn’t seeking to prosecute the employers of all these illegals

There’s been a lot of evidence the public is being groomed for McEntee to become Taoiseach, so questions about any of this would be unbecoming. The type of journalists she gives interviews to understand this intrinsically without having to be told.

Fake papers are rampant in the system according to Judge Desmond Zaidan who was appalled to to discover that an illegal before him charged with having falsified documents had since been given a real work permit by the Dept of Justice. Zaidan said it made a mockery of the system and nowhere in the world would the State behave like this. He’s right.


McEntee told Galway Bay FM that all these illegals are “absolutely vital to our community” but it’s curious she definitively knows this much but nothing else about them.

She also repeated the lie that this is a once-in-a-generation scheme. As I’ve mentioned before, there was a prior blanket amnesty for illegals in 2017 although her predecessor Charlie Flanagan didn’t inform the public about it. 

While McEntee struggles to promote her amnesty, it would appear information about her soft approach to justice has spread widely outside of Ireland with the news that a huge proportion of people registering as homeless are freshly arrived immigrants from outside the EU and their numbers are growing. 

The MRCI are advising illegals who aren’t sure if they are eligible for the scheme to speak with them first as applying might put them “at risk”.

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