Migrants Set Fire to UK Asylum Camp, Demand New Lodging

U.K. police have reportedly arrested over a dozen suspects following a violent riot and fire at a migrant camp in Kent over the weekend.

Napier Barracks, a former military facility, has been used to 'temporarily' house hundreds of illegal aliens, many of whom have arrived amid a surge of thousands of 'boat migrants' crossing the English Channel.

After roughly 100 migrants were moved out of the barracks and into local hotels in response to protests over living conditions and an outbreak of COVID, the remaining inhabitants were reportedly informed no more transfers would be taking place.

Some of the migrants "became aggressive, turned violent and began to set about destroying the barracks” after hearing the news, sources told the Daily Mail.

Staffers say they barricaded themselves in a room as migrants smashed windows, damaged property, and a fire broke out.

Authorities believe the blaze was likely intentionally set and have launched an arson investigation.

At least 14 people have been arrested thus far.

"Nine more people have been arrested following Friday’s fire at Napier Barracks in Folkestone," BBC reporter Simon Jones announced on Sunday.

"Five men were arrested yesterday. One of them, Mohammed Ali, has been charged with assault by beating, using or threatening unlawful violence and criminal damage."

The migrants have released a joint statement demanding the entire camp be shut down "as it is no longer safe and secure."

Opens borders activists and migrants have decried the 'extremely poor' living conditions at Napier Barracks, while contradictory reports indicate residents likely have access to PlayStation games consoles and a planned state-of-the-art gym.

Migrants setting fire to asylum centers in their host countries has become a common tactic used to force relocation.



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