43% of total newborn baby names in Brussels are Islamic.

The most popular name for newborn babies in the de facto EU capital of Brussels is Mohamed, with Islamic names making up 43 per cent of total registrations in the Belgian city.

“In data published by the Belgian statistical office, Statbel, two variations of the name — Mohamed and Mohammed — occupied the top three most common boys’ names for newborns born in the Brussels region last year, totaling 18,430 registrations,” reports ReMix News.

Number 2 on the list is the name ‘Jean’ with 6089 registrations, although ‘Ahmed’ is in 4th place with 4166 registrations.

In total, 43 per cent of the newborn population of Brussels were given Islamic names, underscoring how the Belgian capital has been suitably “enriched” by diversity.

Native Belgians are now a minority in Brussels, while across the whole country 48 per cent of babies were born to a foreign mother or a mother of foreign origin in the last year.


However, such rampant Islamic immigration has created notorious crime-ridden ghettos, including Molenbeek in Brussels, a community which helped Paris massacre terrorist Salah Abdeslam hide out in for 4 months before he was caught by police.

The Belgian city of Anderlecht is also routinely hit with riots, particularly by migrant youths who didn’t let the COVID-19 lockdown stop them from staging massive unrest in April 2020.

An event to mark ‘Black History Month’ which took place in Brussels in March 2020 told white people they were not welcome unless they paid a fee and cleaned up after black people.

Later that year, after Black Lives Matter protesters in the city of Antwerp defaced a statue of King Leopold II, Belgium’s longest-reigning monarch, authorities removed it and put it in a museum.

53.2 per cent of residents in Antwerp, Belgium’s most populous city — are now of immigrant origin.

Back in October 2018, a 68-year-old man in Turnhout, Antwerp had his face broken in 11 places after receiving a vicious beating from migrants who were offended by how the victim’s dog smelled.

Earlier that year, a dozen migrants in Antwerp pelted a handicapped elderly lady with large stones while calling her a “dirty, smelly Belgian” during an alarming attack.


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