A Norwegian feminist could be facing a three year jail term over remarks she made about biological males identifying as ‘lesbians’.

Christina Ellingsen,  is currently being investigated under Norweigan ‘hate crime’ law.

Ellingsen, who is a representitive of international feminist group Women’s Declaration International (WDI),  could face prison over her remarks, which were reportedly prompted by members of the lgbtq+ community insisting that biological men who identify as women and are attracted to biological women are ‘lesbians.’

The tweets were allegedly directed at trans activist Christine Jentoft who identifies as a lesbian despite being biologically male, and is an advisor for trans activist group Foreningen FRI. 

Rebel News  reported that Ellingsen tweeted her disapproval by saying, “Why [does] FRI teach young people that males can be lesbians? Isn’t that conversion therapy?” 

She continued, “Jentoft, who is male and an advisor in FRI, presents himself as a lesbian – that’s how bonkers the organization which supposedly works to protect young lesbians’ interests is. How does it help young lesbians when males claim to be lesbian, too?” 

Feminist news site Reduxx said that Ellingsen had told them she had “learned that the police report made against her was filed by Jentoft himself.” 

Reduxx also reported that Jentoft has previously courted controversy for a tweet made in 2018 saying, “Dear queer children of all ages! I know some of us have parents who don’t love us any more. The tweet continues, “I just want to inform you that I am actually a certified mother. So if you ever need a real motherly hug, I will be happy to oblige!” 

The Glinner Update reported that “In 2016, a law was introduced in Norway allowing those aged 6+ to change their legal sex on documents. Currently, it is not possible to change parental status, though FRI has been campaigning to change that.”

“A mother is in Norway legally defined in the laws governing children’s rights as the “woman who has given birth to the child.” In recent years, FRI has been lobbying to redefine the legal definition of “mother” to “birth parent,” along with other linguistic alterations aimed at making laws “gender neutral.”

In 2021 Norway introduced ‘gender identity’ as a protected category into legislation. Ellingston publicly opposed parts of the move saying that the legislation “aims to replace the definition of sex, from being understood as an objective and biological property to be understood as a subjective and preformative property” She said the legislation replaced “an objective and material definition of sex with subjective units such as gender or gender ideology”. 

According to the Council of Europe “Norwegian anti-discrimination legislation protects against harassing remarks directed against one or more specific persons on the grounds of gender, disability, ethnicity (including national origin, colour, descent, language), sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. It further states “Harassment is defined as acts, omissions or statements that are or are intended to be offensive, intimidating, hostile, degrading or humiliating.”


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