Pregnant goat dies after being gang-raped by eight men in India

KUALA LUMPUR: A pregnant goat is believed to have been raped by eight drunken men in Haryana, India on July 25. It died the following day.

The goat's owner, Aslup Khan, made a police report on July 26 after noticing that his goat went missing. He claimed that the suspects are drunkards and drug addicts.

“They tried to molest her in the courtyard. When I raised an alarm, villagers caught them and thrashed them," he said, reported The Sun UK.

"Enraged, they came back eight hours later and took away my goat and raped her."

The Tribune India reported that the owner heard the pain-filled bleating sounds of his goat from a secluded house where the incident took place.

Five of the men were said to have fled the area, while three others remained and dared Aslup to call the police after they were caught in the act.

According to Aslup, the men were Savakar, Haroon, Jaffar, and five other suspects who have yet to be identified.

"One of the accused is mental. When I told them that I will file a complaint against them, they said you can do anything that you want, we will continue to do this. They don't fear getting jailed as they claim to have contacts with big people," he added, according to The New Indian Express.

The 7-year-old pregnant goat was "not able to walk" after the whole ordeal and died 24 hours later.

Dr Ramvir Bhardwaj, a veterinary surgeon of animal husbandry, said the goat died of a brain haemorrhage.

"It was 50 weeks pregnant. During the post-mortem examination, it was found that there was blood in her windpipe. Samples of its vaginal swabs were sent to the forensic science laboratory," Bhardwaj said, according to the Hindustan Times.

Police have registered a case under Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which prohibits '...intercourse against the order of Nature with man, woman or animal' and under the Animal Cruelty Act.

When the news broke, enraged netizens took to Twitter to discuss the issue of rape of both people and animals in today's society.

The story has been shared thousands of times, with over 28,000 retweets along with the hashtag #JusticeForGoat, reported Gulf News India.

One Twitter user said: "What kind of a society are we going to build? How can we expect the safety of our women in a society where animals are not safe? Alas, human beings are turning into senseless creatures!"

Animal rights advocate Meet Ashar @asharmeet02 tweeted: "Shameful - pregnant goat reportedly gang-raped and killed by 8 men… There has been a steep increase in cases of sexual abuse against animals. People who are violent often start with animals as victims and then move on to humans."



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  • Laz Mahon
    commented 2021-02-20 23:05:28 +0000
    This type of act is happening daily in that country . Well if they cant look after their woman folk in that country something satanic is ruling that country. One can read articles on a daily basis, where young woman are raped after getting on buses, supposedly safe and a gang including the bus driver would attack them on the journey, where in some cases the torture was so bad the young woman died after the severe trauma. Animals, Animals lower than Animals.
    This is where the United (Nothing) Nations should get involved, but then this particular Cabal is already corrupt and dont care unless they can make money from this sort of crime.
    What amazes me is the fact that we have people coming from that country and surrounding area,s seeking Asylum in this country. Its clear that we have an open border policy in this country, but not only that we have an ongoing Scam appeals system where every one in the end appears to get Irish status, and especually from Leo,s country.
    It so annoys me that we with our past history and the sacrifices our forefathers had to go through in order to save our country ,that we now have Morons giving our country away. We now can see we have no opposition such as “Shite Fein” which are now full of a Marxist mindset and are gone in a completely different direction.
    How sad Nationalist my foot.
  • Niall McConnell
    published this page in News 2021-02-17 17:23:25 +0000
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