Proposed Direct Provision Centre? Lifford - Co. Donegal

I stood in the elections for one MAIN reason…To let Irish people see that there was still SOME Irish Patriots who WILL listen and fight on their behalf and it worked!

Since last week I have been inundated with people saying ‘thank God, we thought there were no Irishmen left’ and telling me that they have been trying to get FG/FF/SF to take some action over the plans to open up these direct provision centres all OVER Ireland.


Let me be clear here, These places are NOT ‘Provision Centres’ , they are in fact the Barracks’ for an invasion force for the conquest of Ireland and to replace YOU!


 Just look at who arrives in them, Women, old people? NO, Mainly young, fit Muslim men of Fighting age. Do you really think this is an accident? Most refugees are old, female or babies NOT young men of fighting age.

I believe these Provision /Barracks are the most serious threat Ireland has faced since Cromwell and I want YOU to help me fight them all over the country. So, I will be launching a nation-wide campaign to expose and resist these foreign bridgeheads into our country. I will need leaflets, banners, lobbying materials and transportation to set up demos everywhere we find them.

The Elections are over, WE achieved what I wanted that was to show our people that there is a resistance movement in Ireland , YOU are part of it so let us now stop moaning about rigged electoral results and build on what we achieved. Let us get stuck into the real work of defending OUR Ireland by RESISTING THE BARRACKS!

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  • Jude Gilligan
    commented 2020-02-21 21:18:32 +0000
    I hav been working in house design for more than fiftey years, and over that time I have
    experienced considerable opposition from the various planning authorities who did not want the suns and daughters of farmers to be allowed to construct their homes on their parents land. I was advised that these developments were un-sustainable. I was told to advise my clients to purchase accomidation within towns or the nearest city. Planning Permission was strongly opposed every time.
    This situation is in stark contrast to the goverment who do not require the developers of direct provision centers to seek planning permission.
    There has never been a planning application submitted for change of use of the various buildings in to direct provision centers. Take note that a hotel, a convent, or any other building needs approval from the local authority to change the use of the building from Hotel etc to Direct provision centre.
    All direct provision centers are illegal planning developments and can be forced to apply for Planning Permission. Publish the application on site and in the local Papers.
    Why are these developers getting away with out planning permission
  • Tony sweeney
    commented 2020-02-16 11:07:20 +0000
    tony sweeney these scum are tiring to take over the world they are nothing but murdering perverted inhuman dirt get them back to the shit hole they came from
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