Psaki Caught In Big Fat Lie About Encouraging Unlawful Protests Outside Justices Homes

Former White House propaganda chief Jen Psaki was caught out in a big fat lie Thursday when she claimed that she had never encouraged pro-abortion activists to protest outside the homes of Supreme Court justices.

In a speaking appearance at the University of Chicago Institute of Politics, Psaki was asked about that time she said she “encouraged” anti-abortionists to continue gathering outside the private homes of SCOTUS judges.

Chicago Thinker senior editor Daniel Schmidt confronted Psaki on the matter, prompting her to first deny that she ever said anything of the sort, and then when Schmidt noted he was directly quoting her, she suddenly remembered but claimed the fact he left out the word ‘peaceful’ from the quote was a mischaracterisation.

Psaki stated that she “never encouraged anyone to protest,” rather she “encouraged them to engage peacefully and to do it without violence.”

Schmidt then expertly pointed out that whether she used the term peaceful or not, encouraging people to protest outside the homes of judges with the intent of influencing them is illegal under the U.S. Code and subject to a fines and/or a year in prison.

Meanwhile, in related news, Senator Rand Paul slammed the threats that SCOTUS justices are facing, noting “You have no right to chant and keep people awake all night in a neighborhood… you’re invading their privacy, you’re invading their private property. Even if you stand on the sidewalk, you do not have a right to keep people awake all night and you should be arrested for disorderly conduct.” 

Paul also called for lie detector testing to be used to weed out who leaked the draft for overturning Roe vs Wade.

In an appearance on Fox News, Paul urged that “it’s not just a breach of decorum that they leaked this road decision early. This is really about somebody instigating and trying to foment violence. And I’m very concerned about our Supreme Court justices.”

“Whoever did this and whatever clerk did this or whatever person at the prime court did this, not only should they be fired, I think they should be prosecuted and they should be barred from practicing law,” the Senator further asserted.


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