Pubs Closed and Borders Open?

CSO reveals 164,400 overseas passenger arrivals into Ireland in December. With a 5km limit on movement around our homes, we might be locked n but the airports are open for business and hundreds of thousands of passengers are arriving every day!


Tens of thousands of people travelled in and out of the country last month by air and sea, new figures have revealed.

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) figures for December have revealed there were 164,400 overseas passenger arrivals and 178,800 overseas passenger departures.

These compared with 103,900 arrivals and 96,800 departures in November 2020.

The CSO noted that overseas travel in December 2020 remained considerably lower than in December 2019, when there were 1,372,600 arrivals and 1,383,800 departures, falls of 88pc and 87pc respectively.

However, earlier this week, Taoiseach Micheál Martin said Irish people must stop going on foreign holidays.

“The Government view is very clear, that people should not travel,” he said.

Martin blames it on the Irish but never mentions the direct prison centres and open borders causing thousands of foreigners to flood into Ireland just as they have for the last two decades.

No numbers are being released on how many foreign nationals are allowed to enter the country, no media hysteria about untested immigrants entering the country and spreading the Chinese Flu, nothing but silence. Madness!

Irish Patriots