Shelbourne Statues Restored After BLM Spat

The Shelbourne Hotel has been forced to restore the historic statues which were taken down in the name of "black rights" and "African liberation. Efforts to "decolonise" the Shelbourne have proved unsuccessful, however.


Yet again the BLM movement in Ireland has found themselves embarrassed.

If it isn't Stephen Yamslaw stabbing Irish teenagers it's African immigrants posting footage of themselves kicking an Irish boy in the head after posting a green square on Twitter, which is apparently the height of racial oppression.

This time it's the statues outside the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin.

BLM activists demanded that they be taken down as they portray slavery.

They depict the servant girls of a Nubian princess kneeling down before her.

If you were not aware, the Nubians were in fact black Africans themselves but the absurdity seems to be lost on the Far Left who continue their demands that these historic statues are ripped down in the name of anti-racism and black liberation.

They got their way earlier in the year but have now been forced to restore them as their actions violated planning permission. RTE reports;


"Four statues that were temporarily removed from plinths outside the Shelbourne hotel in Dublin last July have been reinstated.

The statues, depicting women holding torches, have been a familiar sight there for 153 years but they were taken down after being mistakenly identified as slaves.

Their reinstatement follows a special report on the statues by Paula Murphy, one of Ireland's foremost experts on sculpture, which was carried out in order to fully understand the provenance of the statues and place them within their proper context.

The reinstallation took place after professional restoration work was carried out on the statues, as recommended in this expert report, and in line with statutory consent received from Dublin City Council.

The Mathurin Moreau pieces were sculpted in 1867 in Paris.

The decision to take them down prompted complaints to Dublin City Council that the removal was a breach of planning permission."




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