Staff Axed As Hotel Becomes New Direct Provision Centre

Staff, and consequently their families, have been conveniently sacrificed to make way for asylum seekers with the opening of a  new direct provision centre located in the Central Hotel in the heart of Dublin cityto ensure asylum seekers can follow social distancing measures to combat Covid-19.

Remcoll Capital, the company behind the direct provision centres in Ballinamore and Cahirciveen, has begun moving refugees (sic) from across the country to the vacant hotel on Exchequer Street.

The move is a part of a broader effort by the Department of Justice to ensure there is appropriate social distancing in place across the direct provision centres. On Tuesday, the department announced it had secured 650 new beds.

Refugees (sic) are coming from across the country to the new centre, which will be in place for six months initially. There are 70 rooms on the site. 


As is customary now with the biased main stream media, some news outlets continue to attribute 'refugee status' to asylum seekers  (a status granted post determination being made by an independent fact finding tribunal) in no doubt an attempt to manufacture some legitimacy for these actions, actions that will detrimentally affect Irish citizens who have now lost their jobs. Yet again, in a climate where 10,000 homeless Irish struggle to survive, suffering exacerbated by the coronavirus effect, foreigners have been given priority over the Irish.

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