Switzerland will soon hold a referendum on whether to add an amendment to the Constitution explicitly banning forced vaccination, after a civil rights group gathered enough signatures to trigger a vote.

The Swiss Freedom Movement (MLS) managed to gather 125,000 signatures calling for such a referendum. The required amount is 100,000.

While Switzerland does not currently have a vaccine mandate, under the Swiss law the Epidemic Act they are legal, and the incoming President has said that he would be willing to consider the measure “as a last resort” and that the move could be “useful.”

Countries across Europe are mulling vaccine mandates, such as Germany. Recently, European Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen said mandatory vaccinations across the whole EU should be considered.

As a result, MLS is calling for an amendment to the Swiss Constitution enshrining the right for citizens to decide whether or not to be injected or implanted with any material or substance.

The proposed wording of the amendment is:

“The person concerned must not be punished for having refused to give his consent, nor suffer social or professional disadvantages.”

It would apply not only to Covid, but “other vaccines, chips and digital information that would be implanted in the body.”

A recent referendum in Switzerland on vaccine passports resulted in 62% of voters saying they support the measure.


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