Tubridy Outburst On "White Supremacy"

Liberal fool Ryan Tubridy took the opportunity to scold Pres Trump for not denouncing "White Supremacy" and the Irish public for our bottomless racism!


Late Late Show viewers were stunned on Friday night as Ryan Tubridy sent a strong message to all the people watching at home.

The RTE host was speaking with Sean Spicer - former aide to President Trump - and mentioned Trump numerous times including the debate with Joe Biden earlier in the week.

During that debate the US President did not denounce white supremacy when asked.

And speaking straight down the camera on Friday night - Tubridy shared his own thoughts on it.

The TV host said: "Just very briefly, in the last few weeks I've spoken to three, as it happens women, on the radio and on television here about race and racism.

"I'm not talking about America, I'm talking about Ireland. I think it's important reflecting on what Sean Spicer was saying and the debate in America on Tuesday to offer a note to President Trump and anyone who needs to hear it.



"The way to denounce white supremacy....is to denounce white supremacy."

Fans were taken aback by the statement in the middle of the show with many supporting Tubs but a few labelling the piece "condescending".

One viewer said: "shook at tubridy on the Late Late about Trump not saying white supremacists are wrong "The only way to denounce white supremacy... is to denounce white supremacy."

A less impressed viewer said: "Ryan Tubridy unironically gave the audience a tutorial on how to denounce white supremacy literally less than a minute after providing a platform to Sean Spicer."

Another said: "Kudos to Ryan Tubridy. First and last time I'll ever say that. He actually showed emotion for the first time ever when questioning Sean Spicer over Trump's refusal to denounce white supremacy."




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