What Happened To Flu Deaths?

Why aren't we seeing any flu deaths this year? They need a reason to pretend COVID is deadly of course! (from TheLiberal.ie)


With the pandemic dominating all aspects of life everywhere, some US doctors are saying something remarkable is happening to another typically dangerous virus, leaving them with the question: what happened to the flu?

Statistics show that flu numbers are not only very low, they could also be the lowest seasonal numbers in recorded history in certain countries.

In the latest 2019-2020 flu season, CDC recorded 38,000,000 flu cases in the US, 405,000 were hospitalised, and 22,000 died from the virus.

There have been no documented flu deaths in Washington state in recent months.

“It’s not just a Puget Sound thing, it’s not just Washington State, it’s the entire country,” said Dr. Paul Pottinger, who studies and teaches virus behavior and infectious diseases at UW Medicine.

“In fact, this is happening on most of our planet.”, the doctor told Kiro news.

However, other experts are saying that people who would normally go to hospital with the flu are avoiding it due to the pandemic and are staying in bed and recovering at home.

Source: TheLiberal.ie

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