Will You Help The Catholic Reconquista?

Síol na hÉireann is starting the Catholic Reconquista, a campaign of Rosary Processions the length and breadth of the country to revive the Faith. The question remains, Are you with Christ or the Heathen Globalists?

We Need Your Help To Make Ireland Catholic Again!


Thank You So Much For The Support We Have Had So Far, We Just Need One Last Push

We are overwhelmed with the support we have received for our Catholic Reconquista and we want to thank each and every one of you who has contributed. Go raibh míle maith agaibh!

We have got the deposit down and we've secured our stunning Holy Statue of The Blessed Virgin, we have made up most of the funds necessary for the statue.

Now we need to pay for the remaining costs of this testament to the Purity of Our lady and find enough support to get this Catholic Reconquista on the road!

Will You Chip In To Help The Catholic Reconquista?

The Catholic Reconquista Is The Future Of Irish Nationalism Ciaran!

We need your support to get the Catholic Reconquista on the road, this is the future of Irish Catholic Nationalism in this country. Our plan is to take this beautiful Holy Statue on the road and march it all over our beautiful country. We will be running Rosary processions the length and breadth of the country to revive the Faith!

This is how we revive the Faith of our people and start the Real Fightback against Globalism and The Great Replacement. Are you with me Ciaran?

Will you help the cause and stand beneath the banner of Christ Jesus? We need your help to cover the remaining costs of this magnificent Holy statue, the plinth to carry her, the floral adornments and the heavy costs of admin and transport.

We Will Be Leading Rosary Processions All Over Ireland Ciaran, But We Need Your Help

We need your help to make this happen, we rely entirely on support from Catholic patriots like you and your vital support is needed now to help us take our country back and bring the Faith back to the people of Ireland.

Are you with me Ciaran?

We need your help to pay for a plinth to march this Holy Statue around the villages and towns of Catholic Ireland, floral adornments to honour our Blessed Mother and costs of admin and travel to organise our Catholic Reconquista!

The Rosary Is Our Most Powerful Weapon, Help Revive The Faith Ciaran

Our Crusade to revive the Faith in Ireland will begin with this Holy Statue, what better way to revive the Catholic Faith than to show the people the most powerful symbol of our Faith, Our Blessed Mother?

Will You Chip In and Help The Cause?

We don't need much more to make this happen, why not chip in? You could be the one patriot that pushes this important fundraiser over the edge Ciaran!

We have thousands of vitally important supporters out there, if only 10% of them chipped in 5 Euros we would be able to pay for all the costs, all the shipping, build a plinth and floral adornments and get the Catholic Reconquista on the road!

Will you help us liberate this stunning Holy Statue and get our Holy Procession in front of the Irish people within days! Are you with us in this final assault on the Godless Heathens running our beautiful country into the ground?

Name: Ciaran 

Recommended: Chip in €5

Please stop what you are doing and help Make Ireland Catholic Again by chipping in just €5.

This is one of those times where our Nation and this party relies on you, the members, supporters and other honest patriots to help make this Catholic Crusade a reality! Are you with me Ciaran?

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