You Can't Get Enough Of A Good Thing

We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief, the LGBTXYZ superheroes have donned their rainbow capes and ready to save us all.

The LGBT+ community, according to Oisin Kenny, are "discovering new ways to stay creative by engaging in numerous queer digital events and ideas during this time of widespread lockdown".  I am sure they are Oisin, most certainly. Never to miss an opportunity to adapt their 'talent' to propagandise the youth, the LGBT machine rumbles on spreading its message as vast and as insidious as any coronavirus.

Mr Kenny or is it Zir Kenny? ( I may be misgendering the author so I thread carefully) goes on to tell us that "Since the practice of physical distancing went into effect, there has been an incredible amount of initiatives launched towards helping artists showcase their work and continue entertaining people. Quarantine has drastically altered everyday life and these queer digital events are turning this change into a strength". To give the devil his ( or their, One cannot misgender the Devil after all) due, the LGBT community are experts in 'turning change into strength', change and strength that sees the rainbow flag venerated across the land as if it were a livinig God.

The author adds, "Plus there are plenty of handy ideas online for you to set up an event with friends. From colourful art sessions to a fabulous drag league, this is the perfect time to unleash the creativity in unexpected and enjoyable ways".

What better tonic to deal with the possibility of an uncertain future, job losses, increased surveilance and societal upheavel than to engage in a " fabulous drag league'? I am almost ashamed that I did not think of these  fantastic solutions myself.  Reading the list of suggested activities that ranged from; mocking the Holy family to do-it-yourself Eurovision contests, it is almost certain that they will have the obvious effect of relieving the unimaginable stresses confronted by the isolated elderly and fearful homebound youth during these unprecendented times.

I don't know about you but I can honestly say that the anxious thoughts of global chaos melted away as soon as I began listening to a podcast about famous queer feminists or failing that, watching a drag queen festival online. Afterall, when the going gets tough, who needs God when you can use a LGBT colouring book!

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