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  • Shay Byrne
    commented 2024-05-23 20:44:16 +0100
    How long does it take for membership items to be delivered?I can’t seem to find any contact info and live chat doesn’t work
  • Ronan Condren
    commented 2024-05-14 17:07:30 +0100
    Get out and support this man!

    He’s one of the few real patriots who is willing to defend Irish culture and our heritage at personal expense – this alone should get your vote. The majority of Irish nationals are being tested each week as we see no end to the flood of illegals into our country, almost 90% of whom openly destroy their passports prior to entry.
    The last thing they’d want to do if they wanted to prove their from a ‘war torn’ country!

    Ireland is for the Irish – by the same token, africa is for africans, japan is for japanese etc. Most patriots couldn’t care less what colour they are, they care about the ever increasing crime they inevitably bring with them.

    If you can’t go out and join protests to save our country, then give the guy a donation to help him do it.
  • Darren Taylor
    commented 2024-05-04 23:15:18 +0100
    I’ve purchased a good few items from the shop over the years, As well as donations and of course being a member.
    Its such a sad time for the Irish people and for that matter the British and European, we all have to fight the good fight and support each other, Unite.
  • Kathleen McCormick
    commented 2024-05-01 21:19:37 +0100
    Hello Niall,
    I have the jacket, love it. For Christmas 2 years ago I ordered 11 sweatshirts. All my family wore theirs on Christmas Eve in front of the christmas tree. Awesome. Thank you for fighting for Ireland. If I lived in Donegal instead of NJ, I would vote for you.
  • Irene McGuigan
    followed this page 2024-04-30 18:00:58 +0100
  • Jennifer Kennedy
    followed this page 2024-04-02 08:56:09 +0100
  • Kathleen McCormick
    followed this page 2024-03-20 21:33:55 +0000
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