Drug Crisis In Ireland Continues With 117K Euros Of Cocaine Seized

Ireland's wave of drug crime has no end in sight with a huge seizure in Dublin Monday last.

Suggestions Catholic Mass Will Be Mutilated Post Lockdown

Father Iggy Donovan has suggested that Catholic mass traditions will be desecrated by fears of COVID19 transmission.

Unelected Varadkar To Slash COVID19 Payment To Scroungers

Unelected Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has threatened to cut COVID19 payments for those unwilling to work, but don't be fooled it won't stop there.

Recently Released Italian Al Shabab Hostage Converted To Islam In Captivity

Liberal journalists and aid workers continue to be seduced by Islam, with Italian aid worker Silvia Constanza Romano the latest among them.

Youth Assaults Young Girl At Cork Taxi Rank

Crime is running wild on the streets of the Free State with yet another vicious "youth" assault in Cork City.

Majority of COVID19 Victims Are Recovering Completely

While the virus death rate remains low, the Free State will not life the lockdown until May 28th. Irish people will be hit 10 times harder by the coming recession than by this pandemic.

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