Guardians Of The Peace

The police are only doing their job! They are merely enforcing the law! That's what the police in North Korea say as they drag citizens to the gulag to join the "disappeared".

Pride Goeth Before The Falls

While a poor recording of " A Nation once again" echoes hauntingly through the corridor of a community hall it bounces erratically off the sterile gloss painted walls causing its lyrics to become almost inaudible to the point of incomprehension. Activity abounds in the centre. Volatile chattering, interrupted by bursts of laughter, is measured to the beat of hurried feet that tramples upon the linoleum floor beneath en route to the next chore two rooms down.

Give Me Freedom And Yours Too

While the Government lockdown continues the abrogation of fundamental rights follows en suite, like an obedient dog leashed and two steps charging ahead but always under the control of his master.

Irish Food Aid Hits the Media

Irish Food Aid is being covered in the media, the establishment cannot ignore us for long!

Qui Tacet Consentire Videtur

Made famous by the movie " A Man For All Seasons" ( 1966) starring Paul Scofield and Robert Shaw et al, the Latin maxim " Qui tacet consentire videtur" received renewed vigour and relevance in the public consciousness. 

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle -Pt4

Money is created out of thin air? OK? sounds a little strange but what real life impact has this process on me? I can still use this "miraculous" money to buy a new sofa, a new car or even a new house! Why worry about where it comes from? Life goes on, does it not?

Irish Patriots