The Irish General Election is on the Horizon!

Leo Varadkar has announced that he is to meet with the leader of Fianna Fáil, Michael Martin, to set a time frame for the next General Election, with February or March the most likely possibilities.

Judge in Brazil orders Netflix to pull comedy about a gay Jesus

A JUDGE IN Brazil has issued a temporary injunction forcing Netflix to withdraw a comedy that depicts Jesus Christ in a homosexual relationship.

Man is facing trial accused of obtaining laptops by trickery

A man has been sent for trial accused of tricking people into posting him high-value electronic goods without payment

Pat Flanagan column: 'How can we house 3,000 refugees when we've 10,500 homeless in Ireland?'

Actually homeless charities claim the true number of people without a home is closer to 15,000 and, in a sense, they are refugees in their own country

Varadkar defends decision to commemorate Tans and R.I.C

Our traitor "Taoiseach" Leo Varadkar has defended the decision to commemorate the now postponed Black and Tans and the Royal Irish Constabulary commemoration in Dublin, saying “all traditions” should be respected.

Teenager suffers life-changing injuries in knife attack by gang

Gardai are appealing for witnesses after an 18-year-old was stabbed in an attack involving around 20 youths in Dublin.

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