Free State Patrolling Border With The North

Say hello to Lockdown and the insanity of the Republic enforcing a border with the Occupied Six Counties.


Only 1 Landlord Faced The Courts In 2020

Despite rampant homelessness and soaring rents, paramilitary eviction squads and violence against pensioners and other vulnerable people, only a single landlord faced the courts in 2020.


Ireland Closes It's Borders To UK

The Irish government has decided to close our borders to Britain to avoid the spread of a "new" strain of COVID19. This is the excuse they have been waiting for to lock all of Europe down all over again.


Communist Hatespeech Laws Coming Soon

The Far Left is gaining ground with their goal of making us a minority in our own country.


Baby Jesus Community Cares For Abortion Survivors

A devout Catholic in Brazil is caring for the survivors of abortion, LifeSiteNews reports.


NI Going Into Full Lockdown After Christmas

NI is being forced into lockdown for 6 weeks meaning even more devastation for families and businesses destroyed by economic hardship and the destruction of our freedoms.


Irish Patriots