The new housing bill would let the Government seize your home

If you’ve never seen it, then bear with me, but one of the most striking scenes in David Lean’s dramatization of Boris Pasternak’s Doctor Zhivago is when the title character arrives back in Moscow from the war, and discovers that the local reds have taken over his home and are busily stealing everything in it.

The Irish Courts’ Disturbing Hate Speech Ruling

While without ratified hate speech legislation akin to other European states, it should be remembered that the Irish Republic still has strong legal recourse to charge those guilty of what is perceived to be aggravating speech.

Pregnant goat dies after being gang-raped by eight men in India

KUALA LUMPUR: A pregnant goat is believed to have been raped by eight drunken men in Haryana, India on July 25. It died the following day.

'All Rich Countries Should Move to 100 percent Synthetic Beef'

Bill Gates is demanding all wealthy countries implement a 100% plant based diet. Without animal foods in the human diet we will become very sick, weak and fragile. This is exactly what the elites what to do. We must oppose this and support local farmers in your local area.

Convicted Pedophile Says Charges Motivated By Racism

A 23-year-old man convicted of sexually abusing his 8-year-old sister during the Wuhan virus lockdown claims the charges were brought due to the colour of his skin.

Man Forced into Covid detention camp

Steve Duesing was forced into a Covid detention camp after landing at Pearon International airport in Canada from the USA. 

Irish Patriots