Leo Complains Of Homophobia To Pope Francis

The Queer Indian Heathen cries out in pain over the "exclusionary" and "hurtful" stance of the Catholic Church on homosexuality.


Anti White Incdoctrination Coming To Irish Schools

Anti White indoctrination is on the way for Irish children. Soon we will be just like German, Sweden and Britain and have a generation of men so filled with self-hatred that they allow the mass rape and abuse of women and children to go on unopposed. Will you stand for the hatred of the Irish race being taught to your children? The reports;


Shelbourne Statues Restored After BLM Spat

The Shelbourne Hotel has been forced to restore the historic statues which were taken down in the name of "black rights" and "African liberation. Efforts to "decolonise" the Shelbourne have proved unsuccessful, however.


Sinn Fein and Distributism

Pope Francis' Sacriligious Nativity Scene

Pope Francis has shown his flock that he is a modernist and a heretic yet again. The Vatican is no place for Pagan icons but that is exactly what Francis has filled the Vatican nativity scene with.

HSE Cheif Claims Vaccine Won't Be Mandatory

In an effort not to hand Anti Vaccers a PR victory the HSE won't be making COVID19 vaccines mandatory.


Irish Patriots