You Can't Get Enough Of A Good Thing

We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief, the LGBTXYZ superheroes have donned their rainbow capes and ready to save us all.

Economic Shock On the Horizon

The Central Bank said that the virus has already "triggered an extremely severe economic shock" and said that it is unlike anything the Irish economy has ever seen before. 

A Grave Tragedy Amidst A Host Of Tragedies

While the people of Ireland undergo unprecedented hardship, suffering is felt by our most vulnerable celebrities.

Catholic Leadership Continue to Fail Their Flock

Sadly, the leadership of the Catholic Church are exhibiting apparent and perpetual cowardice in the face of grotesque evil.

Biased Main Stream Media Attack Christianity, Again.

The main stream media have a penchant for sharing the truth, but only a narrowly tailored variety that conveniently suits their narrative. Islam, LGBT and abortion are all eulogised in the column inches of the press but one great pariah still remains, that most reviled belief; Christianity.

Sinn Fein Look to British Army For Help

Sinn Fein are running to London, again. This time scurrying to the British Army, before that it was Westminister to achieve their policy of imposing baby killing, aka abortion, on the people of Northern Ireland.

Irish Patriots